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Digital Media Offers Opportunities To New Journalists, But Challenges, Too

Making a career out of journalism was once bound by a person’s ability to find a ladder to climb in local and national media. Today, the internet has enabled anyone with talent to carve a career, though this flow of free information has not always been a completely good thing. As outlined by The Guardian, the prevalence of fake news on the web has created a barrier to good reporting. This is just one of the problems facing modern journalists who are seeking to learn the trade, as more readers question their ability to harness the good aspects of digital media while avoiding the bad.

Ministers encourage Universities To Support Further Education For Veterans

Veterans are 10% less likely to have a degree than general members of the UK population, according to the UK government. Research shows that just 20% of veterans have a degree as their highest level of education.

Changing Careers Later in Life By Furthering Your Education and Wellness

With more than half of British residents wanting to change their careers, the thought of doing so certainly isn’t unheard of, especially when it comes to wanting to pursue a passion. However, many may need further education in order to do so, and while options such as online schooling make the idea of going back to university more appealing, how you study has a major effect on obtaining your goals. With that said, having a balanced lifestyle can make for a more natural and alternative learning technique — thus helping you switch careers successfully.

Student Debt Set To Soar To £450 Billion

... So Being Financially Prepared Is Crucial As of March 2019, students in the UK owed £121 billion on their student loans. This number is set to rise substantially over the coming years, with the government anticipating student loan debt to peak at £450 billion by 2050. With this in mind, it makes sense to have a solid financial plan in place before you head to university, to prevent yourself from becoming another victim of the country’s student debt crisis.

Opening the Door to Further Education Without Prior Qualifications

Although over the last 20 years, there has been a large increase in the number of working age people with qualifications, there are still almost 100,000 children leaving education without basic qualifications.

Showcase Your Education To Secure Your Next Job Interview

Your resume is the perfect place to highlight all that you have achieved during your further education. According to CIPD, there were on average 19 applicants applying for every medium-skilled position and 24 candidates vying for each low-skilled job vacancy during 2017. With so much competition, it’s vital you arm yourself with a high-quality resume which will make you stand out from all the other candidates. So, when you’re fresh out of further education and are preparing your curriculum vitae, this is how to give yourself the best chance of securing an interview.

A World Of Work: Top Destinations For International Apprenticeships

Thousands of Brits take on apprenticeships in a whole range of sectors every single year. However, the apprenticeship world has recently taken a hit: while in 2016 it wasn’t unusual for over 100,000 people to take up apprenticeships every quarter, at the end of the 2017 school year just 48,000 people did.

Top Tips For Surviving On An Apprenticeship Wage

Embarking on an apprenticeship is an excellent way for a young person to make the move into the working world.

Is An Apprenticeship Right For You?

With news that university loan debts have soared to over £100 billion, many students are considering apprenticeships in lieu of a traditional university degree. Currently, the UK government is strongly supporting apprenticeships, with a recent levy coming into force in April, 2017, requiring all public and private sector employers with an annual bill of £3 million or more to invest in apprenticeship training. In May 2017, arrangements were also made to give employers a bigger say regarding funding for apprenticeships.

3 Lifestyle Practices that Can Boost Your Studying

During the course of 2017-18, there were more than 2.3 million students studying at tertiary educational institutions across the UK. As rewarding as getting a qualification may be, it is definitely no easy feat.


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