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We all need to rethink apprenticeship recruitment

This week’s ISE Annual Student Recruitment Survey 2018 demonstrates a number of things that schools, employers and government should take another look at when it comes to apprentice recruitment.

Parents’ views on apprenticeships are changing…depending on which study you read

Recent research indicates that parents’ views on apprenticeships are improving: good news for many people working in the early careers market. A study from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) suggests that over half of UK parents believe an apprenticeship provides a better chance of getting a good job than going to university.

To see a genuine shift in careers advice, everyone needs to be on board

The stars seem to be aligning for the Gatsby Benchmarks, or at least getting closer to being aligned, as the adopting of these standards gains popularity and central government throws its weight behind the approach. But it will take more than words to overhaul the UK careers advice and the future of our young people.

Why more girls should be doing engineering apprenticeships

We celebrated International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd, but there’s plenty more work to be done in addressing the shocking gender imbalance in the industry. Apprenticeships should be a part of that – getting more girls to take up programmes in engineering would be good for employers, consumers, the UK economy, and for individual women themselves.

Teachers & pupils at breaking point: could the Careers Strategy help?

In the month we mark Mental Health Awareness Week – which this year focussed specifically on stress – it was reported that UK teachers are in crisis, with thousands quitting and being signed off work due to job-related anxiety.

#Apprenticeships should be accessible to all: that means paying better wages & adapting our benefits system

The government’s education select committee heard this month that the threat of losing welfare payments could be preventing some young people from taking up apprenticeships.

National Apprenticeship Week is important, but we need to keep the conversation going all year round

Anyone working in education and careers will know that we just celebrated National Apprenticeship Week 2018, five days of information and inspiration hoping to encourage a new generation of young people to learn more about the great opportunities out there. But just like puppies and Christmas – talking about apprenticeships should happen all year round, not just during National Apprenticeship Week: we must keep this vital conversation going.

It’s great that the first cohort of degree apprentices has graduated, but there should be more of them

Degree Apprenticeships are one of the most exciting developments to happen in the school leaver market for years, but more needs to be done to increase uptake of the programmes.

Equal Pay Day 2017: Women basically work for free from now until 2018, but getting more girls into STEM could help close the gender pay gap

Despite the Equal Pay Act in 1970, women still earn less than men in Britain today. In fact, the current gender pay gap means women effectively stop earning relative to men on a day in the first week of November. This day – referred to as Equal Pay Day – varies according to the pay gap each year. In 2017 it lands on Friday 10 November – today – so what better time to look at one of the ways this gap could be closed: encouraging more female school leavers into STEM careers.

Misinformation about school leaver options remains rife: that needs to change

Despite a recent push to increase the number of apprenticeships, and a drive to start valuing vocational and technical qualifications as highly as academic ones, our schools are still failing to inform young people adequately about all the school leaver options out there.


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