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4 Ways to Promote Inclusivity in Learning Environments

Undoubtedly, when it comes down to the core purpose of education - to inspire, upskill and develop - inclusivity plays a crucial role in a child’s social and educational advancement, encouraging them to play an active part in their own personal journey.

Cultivating An Inspirational Outdoor Learning Environment

No matter how engaging the lesson is, after a while, a classroom might feel a little oppressive and boredom-inducing. Freshening up the space with a renovation or a new coat of paint is one option, but in this post, we’re seeking to inspire educators to go the extra mile and design a bespoke outdoor learning environment.



UK EdTech sector could be worth £3.4bn by 2021

Coronavirus crisis puts spotlight on UK #EdTech companies as schools and teachers embrace online learning  The Digital Economy Council has released new data today (25 May) on the value and growth of the edtech sector, putting the spotlight on the British edtech startups that are helping schools and teachers embrace online learning during this COVID-19 crisis.

Digital transformation is happening: What can we do to make this a lot less painful?

The Future is/going to be digital The majority of people now use technology on a regular basis for completing a variety of tasks and activities in their private lives, to the extent that to remove it would render them feeling somewhat dispossessed.

The four valuable life skills young people can learn from playing Fortnite

Boston awaits regional winners as global coding competition for computer science students is launched

Over 1k school leaders share views on challenges during Covid

Personalised learning the biggest challenge to teaching in COVID-19, say teachers and school leaders  New research from Renaissance, which creates educational software tools to improve outcomes and accelerate learning, puts personalising learning for individual pupils top of the list of challenges for remote schooling. The research asked over a thousand senior school leaders, department heads, and teachers (1,147) about their experiences of teaching since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Social Distancing in schools, colleges and universities - an instant reminder and alert!

Compike is a German technology start-up in the field of tracking & tracing, which focuses, among other things, on the development and marketing of a Corona Social Distance Tracker. With the gradual cancellation of the ban on contacts and the urgently needed "ramp-up" of the economy, more and more people will return to their jobs and teaching facilities in the next few weeks and months. In this situation, it is all the more important that there is an effective method of being able to completely track all contacts of a Corona infected person within an institution if this diagnosis should occur in the coming months. Who was in the canteen with the infected person in the past few days, who was in the same meeting last week or had direct contact in the classroom? The Compike "Corona Tracker" provides exactly these answers. The solution is primarily designed for the traceability of contact chains in companies or other institutions. A smartphone-based solution (“Corona app”) may be sufficient at the state or federal level, but it contains gaps that are too large for school and university operations. Many children, pupils or teachers do not have a smartphone, others have deactivated Bluetooth and many have legitimate concerns about data protection. Compike has developed the Contact / Corona Tracker to enable teachers and students to work safely in Covid-19 times, while at the same time taking the concerns of the workforce and students seriously and also to ensure safe school operations and supervision. The Corona Tracker is a small device, similar to a pager, which is worn on the belt or as a lanyard by all teachers, employees, children and students on the school premises. Just like the planned state Corona apps, it uses radio signals to check who is nearby for how long and records this information for the past 14 days (contact between two or more people over a period of at least 10 seconds in a distance of less than or equal to 1.5 meters / 5 feet). If an employee, teacher or student should now report sick with Corona, all you have to do is read the password-protected Tracker and get the contact list of the last 14 or more days - "the potential chain of infection“. Now only the relevant people need to be informed, tested or isolated, not entire departments, areas or the whole location due to a lack of transparency (appropriate Corona/Covid-19 tests can also be provided by Compike). In addition, the Tracker functions as a proximity sensor and gives an acoustic alarm in the event of a too close distance between two people - an important aid and reminder in complying with the social distancing requirements. No personal data is stored on the Tracker itself and there is no possibility of localization - the solution is therefore very data protection and works council friendly. Another very important factor is that - apart from the Trackers - no new infrastructure is needed in the school or university.

#WeAreInternational Student Forum: Helping to build a global community of students in further education

Celebrating international and EU students and gaining valuable insight UKCISA took two great leaps forward on Monday 18 November, launching its first ever #WeAreInternational Student Forum with a range of FE and HE students to mark its move to the #WeAreInternational campaign established by the University of Sheffield.


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