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Why do you need a media partnership?

1. Guaranteed coverage

2. Added credibility

3. Improved SEO

4. Broadened network

5. More ticket sales



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Why do you need a media partnership with FE News?

Some of the benefits of an FE News media partnership:

1. Guaranteed coverage

Promote your event by publishing your press releases on FE News. Simply organising an event doesn’t guarantee that anyone will talk about it. A media partnership, on the other hand, guarantees that your event is promoted to the FE News readership.

2. Added credibility

Showcase the expertise of your event speakers by publishing thought leadership pieces on FE News. Your target audience may potentially be wary of new events they haven’t heard of before, raise your events profile by partnering with FE News.

3. Improved SEO

Advertise your event by adding an event listing to the FE News events section. Links from the FE News events section will support your event website’s SEO.

4. Broadened network

All event listings, press releases and thought leadership articles are shared across our social networks. FE News has over 60,000 followers on social media and an average of 150,000 unique visitors per month, highlight your event to this large audience within the education, skills and employability sector.

5. More ticket sales

More coverage, credibility, SEO, and networking will ultimately lead to an increase in ticket sales for your event.

How to set up a media partnership with FE News:

  1. Register, or log in to your Newsroom on FE News
  2. Add your event to the FE News event listing
  3. Email your FE News event listing and social assets to the FE News team to arrange social media support for your event, or if you are interested in our additional event support services.
  4. Add the FE News logo to your event information.

Download the FE News logo

Freemium services FE News can provide:

Promotion of your event on the FE News website

You can include your event listing on the FE News event calendar free of charge.

Content Marketing

Either before or after the event FE News can publish thought leadership articles from your keynote speakers as main features, these will be included in our FE Soundbite Journal (ISSN 2732-4095) and weekly newsletter of over 6,000 subscribers.

You may also publish these articles on your own site after 48 hrs, with a credit to FE News and a link to the original article.

Social media activities on the lead up and during the convention to highlight your event
If you have any social media imagery or hashtags, please let us know, we can then push these across our social networks of 60,000 followers.

Discussion forums and collective intelligence hubs

FE News can host a discussion forum or roundtable around a specific topic point from your event. These Collective Intelligence Hubs are a great way to increase engagement and can include live zoom sessions, recorded video or audio, or just a discussion thread. They can be set up as public, or invitation only.

Premium Media consultancy services FE News can provide:

Advertisement of your event on the FE News’s website

If you would like site wide display advertising, this starts at £350 +VAT per month.

Online media player

The site wide media player on FE News appears on every page of the site, whilst the event is on, or later on demand. This starts from £500 + VAT per day, and is very powerful in increasing engagement and attracting a wider audience.

Livestreams, podcasts and videography

FE News can broadcast Livestreams, either at your event, or remotely, we also offer videography and event support services, with prices starting at £1000 per day.

Attendance or moderation

Gavin O’Meara, FE News CEO, can attend your event, virtually or in person. Gavin can also moderate, or chair, physical events in person, or be the online MC, to engage your virtual audience at your hybrid events.

Recent FE News media partners have included:

About the FE News audience:

Key decision makers, senior management, executives and policy makers in the FE, HE, Skills, Apprenticeship, Work Based Learning and Employability sector; FE News had in excess of 173,000 unique monthly visitors in 2021, putting us in the top 2000 UK websites, (Alexa Analytics).
Dedicated Channels: Passionate about the future of education, FE News has channels dedicated to Education, EdTech, Employability, Work & Leadership, Skills & Apprenticeship, Social Impact, and the Student Voice.
Social Media: FE News has 1.5M monthly tweet impressions, 60,000 followers across social media, 29,000 LinkedIn connections, and over 6,500 Newsrooms registered on FE News.
Global Influence: Specialising in peer-to-peer, thought leadership analysis of current affairs and recent development within the Training, Skills and Employability sector, Onalytica includes FE News in the top 90 most influential STEM publications in the world! 70% of the FE News audience are UK based and 30% are international.


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