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Premium SEO


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Premium SEO helps you maximise every post for just £199 per year.

Use Premium SEO for:

  • SEO analysis: Get a clear overview of your focus keywords and SEO scores.
  • Readability analysis: We analyse the readability of the copy you wrote and calculate the Flesch Reading Ease score.
  • Linking suggestions: Get suggestions for links as you write.
  • Content insights: We show you the 5 words or phrases you use the most on your page, to check if they’re a match with your chosen keywords.
  • Preview snippets for search and social media: Take control over how your pages show up in Google, Facebook and Twitter. Attract more visitors by tailoring your titles, descriptions, and images for each platform.
  • Tell Google exactly what your page is about: Make sure that Google, and other platforms all know exactly what your page is about, by adding data the right way. Faster indexing, rich results!
  • Keyword optimisation: Find & add high-performing keywords, boost the relevance of your content by optimising for related keywords people actually use. Add synonyms and related key phrases to write totally natural content.



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