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Why we need to bring the work place...
Success for all
Mind the [Skills] Gap
The overlooked gap in the apprenticeship industry and...
How will the Work and Health Programme Impact...
Sector Response to the Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network...
UTCs are not the problem
We Cannot Be All Things To All People...

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Antony Jenkins Chair of the Institute for Apprenticeships

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Launching on 3 December, Pathways to Work (PtW) is a new fast-track programme, using tailored individual support that builds on and enhances the New Deal programme. It is aimed at improving the lives of specific groups of people such as those on Incapacity Benefit (IB) and Severe Disability Allowance. With a history of delivering New Deal and Government backed social inclusion programmes, A4e is superbly positioned to be delivering PtW across four regions: Devon & Cornwall; North and Mid Wales; South East Wales and West Yorkshire.

Pathways to Work reflects A4e's belief that for the hard-to-reach unemployed, support should continue to be available after an individual has started a new job, in order to increase their chances of sustainable and progressive employment. As part of this bespoke support package, Pathways to Work will include a unique Condition Management Programme (CMP) which is a one to one helpline and face to face support service for people in work with problems such as mental health, addictions, or back problems.

In addition to training and in-work support, A4e and its partners will be offering enterprising advice on self-employment and business start-up services as well as other issues such as housing and personal finance.

Pathways to Work "“ a bespoke service

Those on Incapacity Benefit (IB) will undergo a series of assessment interviews as part of the benefit claim process. Those for whom it is appropriate will go to the next stage where they will receive intensive support from a Personal Pathways Advisor (PPA) who will co-ordinate linking into support networks and partners that are both local and national. This added advantage of hooking into local services means that we can offer a bespoke co-ordinated network support system unique to each individual. This support is further enhanced by a new add on feature called the Condition Management Programme (CMP). This complements support already offered by employers through a team of health specialists and qualified volunteers who can advise those who wish to go back to work or who wish to sustain employment.

Steven Marslan, for A4E explained: "Hard-to-reach groups need a strong support mechanism to assist them into work and up-skill, support and re-skill them once in employment. By having a vibrant and rich supply chain and stakeholder network that we can manage and fund in innovative ways, we are looking forward to continuing to test and pilot new ways to provide exemplary support to our customers."


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