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Mesma Secures Six-Figure Digital Launchpad Funding from Innovate UK

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Mesma, a company that specialises in quality assurance for education and employability, has been awarded research and development funding by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

The funding will support Mesma’s R&D efforts to enhance its quality management solutions with artificial intelligence (AI). The investment from Innovate UK aims to support digital technologies that have the potential to impact sectors such as education and employability.

Professionals in the education and employability sectors often report that quality assurance and improvement are complex and costly to administer, and it can be hard to find trusted guidance and resources that are relevant to the problems they are looking to solve.

The project aims to develop AI-powered tools for collaborative quality assurance and improvement, analytics, and signposting to specialist resources. These tools are intended to enhance quality practices and assist providers in meeting and exceeding the standards set by funding and regulatory organisations.

The funding will also help to develop specialist AI skills in young talent in the sectors, such as software developer Harry Byrne, who recently completed his apprenticeship at Mesma.

Carole Loader, Chief Operating Officer said

“We are delighted Innovate UK recognised the return on investment in our proposal. Our mission is to enhance the quality of education and employment support provision, one provider at a time. We deliver this through two core services: quality management software and quality enhancement advisory support. Building on recent advances in AI technology will ensure our clients can access our experience to develop their own expertise in a time and manner that works best for them, disrupting traditional consultancy models.”

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