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It’s all kicked off now! FE Soundbite 465

FE Soundbite 465
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It is with great sadness that we heard that 3aaa is no more… That is a lot of specialists within the sector, learners and employers who have had a very worrying evening for themselves and their families. It is a really tragic moment for the sector… Again.

If you are caught up in the aftermath of this tragedy, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Everyone talks about the resilience of the sector… But when this affects you and your family personally, it is very different. If you are looking for a new role, please feel free to check out FE Careers and I am so sorry that you are caught up in this tragic situation.

Other news… That all happened on Thursday:

Ofsted have announced huge changes to their inspections. If you haven’t seen, please check it out here

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Also, there was a big EPI report on UTCs. Wherever you are at with UTCs it is an interesting read, I found it even more interesting what wasn’t highlighted in the epi report to what was in it. It was a bit like comparing apples to oranges in my own personal opinion. But there you go.

I hope you find Soundbite helpful this week.

Gavin O’Meara, CEO and Head of Digital, FE News and FE Careers

I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week… don’t forget to check out the new FE Careers and Apprenticeship Job Search! Have a great weekend, speak to you soon!


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12 October 2018

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