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FE News podcast with Steven Hope, Technology Enhanced Learning Manager at Leeds City College talking about inclusivity programmes for learners, making learning accessible to all through technology and why drastic action like knocking down walls has increased learner outcomes.

Steve chats through some of Leeds City College inclusivity programmes, particularly highlighting 'Period Poverty' and how previously some learners had been having to choose to either pay for sanitary products over bus fare to the college. We then chat about some of the innovative ways the college have taken learning out of the classroom, particularly with the introduction of the 'I mark' to highlight learner outcomes outside of the classroom. If a learner progresses towards a positive learner outcome between 7am to 7pm outside of the classroom they receive an 'I-mark' on the register. Steve explains the importance of cloud, Google and Chrome to enable this.

We then chat about some other interesting developments, such as knocking down walls in the college buildings and how this has increased learner outcomes and a move away from chalk and talk delivery to a more innovative and inclusive delivery for learners.  

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FE News podcast with Steven Hope. Check out some of the cool things Leeds City College are up to make learning more inclusive

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