We chat with Beej Kaczmarczyk Director at the Learning Curve group and founder of E-memoir about Advanced Learner Loans at the Association of Colleges annual conference. Beej particularly highlights the different drivers for a learner to take out a loan and how we need to think in a different and more flexible way to deliver the programme or learning experience.

Beej highlights that a lot of colleges have not fully exploited the opportunities offered by Advanced Learners Loans, whilst in the private sector there has been a lot of uptake from providers offering and providing services that match the Advanced Learner Loans model.

Beej raises a really interesting point around the drivers for the Advance Learner Loan market. Beej asks how well have colleges and providers come to understand the different motives and drivers around advance learner loans and adapting to the needs and interests of the learner.

With regards to delivering and offering learning centred around the Learner Loans market, Beej recommends that we make the learning fit around the learner, to be flexible, maybe a blended learning approach and to stop thinking about academic years and sticking to a traditional college planning cycle. The learner loans model has to fit the buying cycle of the learner, to be flexible and adaptive to fit around the learner’s life and commitments.

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