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Responding to media reporting about potential delays to the full roll-out of T-Level qualifications,

John Cope, CBI Head of Education and Skills, said:

"A technical equivalent to A-Levels is a vital, missing link in our education system that employers warmly welcome. Business, teachers, pupils and parents need to have confidence in T-Levels.

“The CBI will continue to work with the Government and support T-Level pilots in 2020 to help get this important reform working well.”

Paul Eeles, the Chair of FAB’s Board, said:

“Ultimately, our concerns come down to the future job prospects of the 30,000 learners that will be invited to enrol in the first wave of the T-Level programme. We can’t afford a rushed process that could result in a whole generation of people being let down in the same way that those who took 14-19 Diplomas were prior to 2010.

“Of course, we are four-square behind the government in wanting to introduce a genuinely world-class technical qualification. But the desire to meet a politically driven timescale of September 2020 should not come at the expense of the capacity of the education and awarding system to respond adequately.

“It is clear from the alarm bells raised by our members and other voices in the sector that the government needs to explain more clearly the risks it has entered into as a result of taking a lot of other sensible options off the table."

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