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How important is an alternative approach to testing in ensuring as many children as possible stay in school?

Following the announcement of the global pandemic earlier this year, schools around the world closed their gates for the foreseeable future, not knowing if and when they would reopen. By early April, a shocking 1.5 billion young people were told to stay at home – just one of the many precautions introduced to try and protect the population from the virus.  


@IndependentSage is calling for urgent action to address escalating infection rates in schools Infection rates higher in secondary school pupils than any other age group with a 50-fold increase in cases among 11-16 year-olds since start of September Education “severely disrupted”, says Independent SAGE, with more than 1 in 5 secondary school pupils absent from school last week  Teachers given “misleading information” on health risks and “urgent action” is required to make schools safe for staff and students Wide transmission circle of school children “can endanger parents and grandparents”, says panel of expert scientists New consultation document released today by Independent SAGE sets out key recommendations to address safety in schools Proposals include: “blended learning” for secondary schools in areas with high infection rates; secondary school children to be encouraged to wear face masks in classrooms; better classroom ventilation and warm clothing to be provided to children in need; and smaller classes in primary schools Primary school tests should be cancelled, and secondary school exams replaced with assessment by teachers  Independent SAGE guidance document on schools to be presented at livestreamed briefing for public and press today at 1.30pm. INDEPENDENT Sage is calling for urgent action to address escalating infection rates in schools as new figures show that more than 1 in 5 secondary school pupils are currently absent from school in England. There has been a 50-fold increase in cases of COVID-19 for 11-16 year olds since the start of September, and infections are now higher for this age group than any other. Infections in primary school children continue to rise. This is causing “severe disruption” to children's education with 22% of children currently absent.

9 virtual festive office Christmas party ideas you and your team will enjoy, according to events expert

Uncertainty amongst UK businesses is ever growing when it comes to celebrating this year's Christmas party. As we face ourselves at the halfway point of lockdown 2.0, many businesses are having to make decisions based on predictions and whispers about what things will look like post-lockdown. 

Can Online Music Tuition Help Students To Learn An Instrument?

According to the @ABRSM, 62% of children have had lessons to learn an instrument, but less than half of adults. The way that lessons are delivered is changing however, and so too are the processes of learning, and this has encouraged many older students to take up music. Over the past decade, technology has enhanced how we can learn music, in particular through some very effective apps. Many music teachers are also embracing online tuition. This has been positive for students who may not always be able to attend face-to-face lessons, or who want to learn a specialised style with a tutor that lives far away. Online music tuition definitely can help students to learn an instrument, but it is also important to understand that it is not for everyone, and there can be limitations. 

Teachers are still working amongst the longest hours in Europe

Employers in the education sector have limited awareness of their staff’s work-life balance, according to new research from recruiting experts, Hays Education Training.


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