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The bubble system has ended: What do education providers need to do now?

#FreedomDay: Change of Covid-19 restrictions  The government has announced the end of the bubble system in schools as of today (19 July 2021), in recognition of the fact that the requirement for whole bubbles to self-isolate for 10 days following a single positive case of Covid-19 was causing disruption to many children’s education.

Can Hybrid Learning Work for Gas Safety Training Programs Post Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how everything worked around the world. We saw a drastic shift from brick and mortars systems to online businesses. Everything went digital in almost every industry. Those who couldn't be flexible or adapt to this change were shut down or went bankrupt.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on levelling up the UK: SKILLS TRAINING BOOSTED ACROSS THE COUNTRY

@BorisJohnson’s speech on #LevellingUp the UK  Free skills courses expanded for adults across the country to upskill or retrain for better paid jobs 18 areas across the county to lead new programme of work to match training with local skills gaps  Comes as the Prime Minister underlines the need to escalate the value of practical and vocational education through the lifetime skills guarantee Further measures to boost the nation’s skills, level up opportunities and get more people into better paid jobs have been announced today (15 July). 

A comprehensive strategy on low carbon skills is essential

Embed climate change and environmental sustainability at all stages of the national curriculum  In a new report also out today, the Aldersgate Group calls on the Government to accelerate progress on resource efficiency to secure major benefits in terms of emission savings, reduced environmental impacts, job creation and economic resilience.  Although government strategies have built a positive overarching vision for resource efficiency, policy commitments in this area have lacked ambition, pace and detail, and appear to have received limited buy-in from other government departments beyond the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

EU academics are doing their research… and they don’t like the look of post-Brexit Britain

Attracting academics from the EU to the UK has become challenging because of #Brexit – and it’s vital we adapt to avoid getting left behind in science and technology. 

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