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Spelling out why mistakes matter: Should they be punished or welcomed?

When I was ten years old my teacher Mrs Castle made me write the word ‘beautiful’ two hundred times because I had spelt it - once only - as ‘beautifull’.

If a college took its own marketing seriously what would it look like?

“We’ll develop your potential!”....really? I had a go at googling ‘college’ and ‘potential’ recently but had to give up.

To achieve top quality it’s never enough simply to do the right things, you need mindful concentration

To be perfectly honest the only reason I turned on the tv for the men’s FA Cup Final was because I fancied watching it. And I was really glad I did because unlike a lot of cup finals it was a fantastic game. Manchester City thumped Watford six nil. It was enthralling to watch – unless you were a Watford supporter in which case you were probably left lamenting why, oh why, you hadn’t got respectably and quietly knocked out back in February or March.

How to complain properly and still raise morale

The English don’t know how to complain and it’s bad for business. Americans are much better at it.

How to retire happily from FE – and do everyone else a favour

So I’m crossing the road in Brighton yesterday and there’s Frank on the other side.


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