Articles from QA

QA wins EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award

QA is proud to announce it has won the EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award after being chosen from over 700 training centres across 107 countries. 

QA chosen to deliver Leadership Academy for Socitm

Socitm, the professional association for digital leaders in local public services, has today announced it will partner up with QA to offer its largest and most comprehensive approach to leadership development.

Ben Sweetman: Challenges for expanding higher and degree apprenticeship and the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy

QA is a specialist, we work in technology, digital business, that’s been our heritage for 25 years, and we started diversifying into apprenticeships and higher education about 10 years ago. We’ve now got 5,500 apprentices on the programme and the interesting thing about that, and I think this is driven by the sector we serve, is about 1500 of those are on Level 4 programmes, so higher apprenticeships and now about 400 of those are degree apprenticeships.

Putting the tech into technical education to reach three million apprenticeships