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    A Brighter Future

    Celebrating the best in English Apprenticeships Last week I had the great fortune of attending the 14th National Apprenticeship awards.

    UK – OK? UK wide Apprenticeship programmes

    How can we help employers create UK wide apprenticeships? Skills devolution is now a fact of life and so it seems futile to try and argue against it.

    Know What a Win Looks Like - Meaningful Apprenticeship Quality

    More than 3m starts, 372 days in learning & 20% off the job

    Apprenticeship Service developments: Refining and expanding the Levy funding system

    The latest DfE data shows that there are now over 11,000 employers who have opened their Apprenticeship Service (AS) levy account (end of September ‘17). Steady if not spectacular progress.

    Two steps forward and one step back: or the calm before the storm?

    Reacting to the reduction in Apprenticeship starts between May-July 2017

    Kaplan response: Institute for Apprenticeships draft Quality Statement

    Kaplan response: Institute for Apprenticeships draft Quality Statement

    Who deserves a £2,000 pound apprenticeship?

    Who has lost out in the new Apprenticeship funding system?

    The evolving art of setting apprenticeship durations - and the end of OOFs

    For a change we have been an employer this week – buying in Degree Apprenticeship training for the shiny new Apprentices that we have hired.

    A new minister has landed….

    ‘I believe that employers are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way…’

    £200m falling as gently as snow : Levy accounts are now active

    Apprenticeship Levy Accounts credited

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