Articles from Richard Marsh

There’s a hole in my bucket... Continuing Apprenticeship reforms

Last week in Birmingham a new package of Levy reforms were announced….

Apprenticeships: How will cutting rates improve quality?

Fully realising the benefits of apprenticeships

A Year of Tipping Points for Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships - what’s new for 2018/19?

Funding bands on the run…

Latest guidance on Apprenticeships published, but who should decide the cost of an Apprenticeship? Just over 12 months ago Apprenticeship funding moved from a system based fundamentally on learner characteristics (age, location, etc) to one based on programme value (Caps).

The first year of the apprenticeship levy - a balanced and constructive assessment

Richard Marsh gives his balanced and constructive response to the recent report from think tank Reform, "The Great Training Robbery: assessing the first year of the apprenticeship levy".

Are we nearly there yet? Apprenticeship reforms at the half way stage

One year since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and we are roughly half-way through the implementation phase of the current apprenticeship reforms.

Apprenticeship levy funding transfer

Making the most of the evolving DAS system in England. 

The Apprenticeship hierarchy - Whose policy line is it anyway?

The recent IFA publication Faster / Better included a useful update on which qualifications can be included in an apprenticeship and why.

A Brighter Future

Celebrating the best in English Apprenticeships Last week I had the great fortune of attending the 14th National Apprenticeship awards.

UK – OK? UK wide Apprenticeship programmes

How can we help employers create UK wide apprenticeships? Skills devolution is now a fact of life and so it seems futile to try and argue against it.