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Preparing the workforce of tomorrow: Kaplan launches Digital Apprenticeship standards 2.0

@KaplanUK - When the new Apprenticeship standards were launched in 2014 one of their key aims was to provide courses that were suitable for the near-future workplace.

The economy is sick... Is more Technical Education the medicine we need?

A decade of discussion but any real progress?  “In order to create a fairer, more prosperous and more productive country, we need to reverse the generational decline in higher technical education”. Gavin Williamson September 2020

New English Apprenticeship incentives - Is it a sustainable way to increase opportunity?

So the English Apprenticeship ‘guarantee’ is here  And although it isn’t a guarantee. The apprenticeship hiring incentive is a series of welcome incentives for employers:

An Apprenticeship Guarantee: Is it the new English answer?

Will we get a #SeptemberPromise?  As the country opens up again, it feels a bit like we are returning back to a house after a storm to survey the damage.

Are Apprenticeships still fit for the future?

What does the current #coronavirus crisis tell us about the future of work-based learning?  It is obviously too early to appreciate the long-term impacts of the current crisis.

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#SkillsWorldLive Video: Why is it important to have diversity in apprenticeships?


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