Articles from Karen Scott

A project that helps students into digital careers

Student software developers, mentored by Google volunteers, create a digital annual report "A Year of People Doing and Making" for a mental health charity

Delivering the extended work experience element of digital T-levels

T-levels are being introduced in an attempt to address two major problems:  the lack of parity between academic and vocational education and currently low levels of awareness of attractive alternatives to university education at undergraduate level.

futureCoders campaign to help budding young software developers into an early career start

Having worked with many talented young coders in her 25 year career in teaching, RSA Fellow Karen Scott used the findings from her research projects to develop an idea for a rich work experience. futureCoders has moved from an idea to a working entity and is now crowdfunding to help raise sufficient funding to get started, to start to build a client base and to run a six month pilot to get some preliminary measures of impact.

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