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Employability in the ‘new world’

Recap - Not many years ago, UK employability professionals led the world, along with colleagues in countries like Australia, America and Holland.

"Kickstarting” single parent employment

We are all reeling from the impact of the pandemic, but single parents have been particularly hard hit, says @FrancesParry. If you are running an employment programme you are going to be coming across a lot of single parents as the recession and its impact bites. It is time to think about their unique situation and what good support for them has to look like if we are to avoid a child poverty catastrophe.

It's Important to Remember "Employment Transforms Lives" as Unemployment Rates Continue to Rise

These really are unprecedented times, says @AndyLMilton. Nowhere will this be felt more acutely than in our sector as unemployment in 2021 is anticipated to rise to maybe 4 million (9%)… possibly even more.

The heart of employability services and why technology hasn't transformed services.....yet!

The world is changing. I want to look beyond the immediate impact of Covid-19 and share some left-field thoughts on what future employability services might look like.

The Rise of Digital: The most significant change to the way we work in living memory

Reflections of Business Development Director @AydenSims...  The last few months have had a profound impact on everything we do, so I wanted to share a few of my own observations in the context of my role leading the growth effort at Maximus, one of the largest providers of employment support services to government in the UK. 

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