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Partnership working in employment services and responding to the current crisis

Key findings from international research on partnership working between Public Employment Services and other labour market intermediaries and service providers, with a particular focus on Jobcentre Plus.

The coming recession: A lesson from the past

The valuable paper from the Institute for @EmploymtStudies ‘Getting Back to Work: Dealing with the Labour Market Impacts of the COVID-19 Recession’ (April 2020) discusses how deep the COVID-recession is going to be. By all accounts, even if the forecasts are out by a big margin, we are facing some big challenges. Whole industries and service sectors will be damaged for a long time to come.

Lockdown Silver Linings - Employability organisations have had to rethink their services and look afresh at their clients

Lockdown has been an odd phenomenon. For some life changing; bringing sickness, job loss and economic hardship. But for many who have not faced illness or job insecurity it has seemed like a groundhog few months of back to back Bank Holiday Mondays.

What steps does the Government need to take in order to halve the disability employment gap?

Here are Papworth Trust’s top ten recommendations…


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