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The direction for RoATP is becoming much clearer

Last month in FE News I wrote about RoATP and what I thought might happen re it reopening to new applicants.

RoATP - Where are we going?

The question that I am most asked these day is:

Where do you sit in the debate, are you a modern day ‘Apprenticeship Leveller’?

A new time for ‘The Levellers’? The group of radicals during the English civil war known as The Levellers, were firmly of the view that man’s relationship with God was a personal relationship, neither needing nor requiring the intervention of priests.

The case for increased college funding is hindered by financial failures

An uncomfortable juxtaposition

Crisis of Leadership and Governance in the FE Sector?

It seems that hardly a week goes by when we hear of another crisis of leadership in the FE sector, and by that I am not just talking about FE Colleges, but the sector in its broadest sense.

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