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Learning Lessons from Covid-19

(Part of a series on Covid-19, Learning Technology and Lost Learning)

The problem with online learning

(Part of a series on Covid-19, Learning Technology and Lost Learning)

The True Cost of Lost Learning

Part One of a Series on Covid-19, Learning Technology and Global Education Responses:

Lack of support for online learning is a ‘tragic situation’ as we step into another lockdown

Teachers who had been diligently preparing for the new term and hoping for a fresh start have been handed just hours’ notice to hastily ‘onlinify’ learning content. As one distraught teacher put it to me on the eve of another lockdown, they are being forced to “scrabble around” at the last minute to find ways to deliver remote learning.

Government must act now to ensure reliable exams for 2021

Teenage years is a time when many people will suffer from anxiety and related mental health problems. This has been compounded by coronavirus and the unstable times we are living through. To add to all this uncertainty by cancelling exams, changing results, and changing them back again seems beyond cruel. Most people will have been moved by interviews with bright young people devastated by their unfairly downgraded mark.

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