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Government must act now to ensure reliable exams for 2021

Teenage years is a time when many people will suffer from anxiety and related mental health problems. This has been compounded by coronavirus and the unstable times we are living through. To add to all this uncertainty by cancelling exams, changing results, and changing them back again seems beyond cruel. Most people will have been moved by interviews with bright young people devastated by their unfairly downgraded mark.

Calculated grades could lead to exploitation and scandal if applied universally

@OFQUAL's Emergency Guidelines for International Markets  This is a testing time for the UK education sector and the combined efforts of all those involved in the many changing aspects of delivery and regulation have been admirable. The emergency regulatory framework (ERF) which is currently being shaped through consultation with OFQUAL, provides enhanced flexibilities to avoid delays to learning journeys, such as the introduction of calculated grades.

Education is the fundamental foundation needed to to diversify and grow the Nigerian economy

Why education is key to setting up a successful business. “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Wise words from Nelson Mandela and a message we can all relate to.

Access to world-class, online, leadership learning set to mobilise new generation of 1.2m Nigerians

The Institute of Leadership & Management has teamed up with The Association of Business Executives (ABE) to give 1.2m young people in Nigeria free access to world-class leadership development support, to inspire entrepreneurship among the next generation of business leaders.

A Skills Solution that is Made in China?

For over a year the sector has been entrenched in unpuzzling an ambitious slate of reforms. With unnerving haste, the UK government is delivering an untested Post-16 education model which is big-state and high-concept, and which threatens to diminish user choice by reducing variety and competition in accreditation, reinforce failure rather than success (see GCSE resit policy), and potentially create a massive risk of exams system failure.


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