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The End Of The Class System: Is It Time For A New Beginning?

Dear, Oh Dearing!  The Dearing Report in 1997 on the future of higher education insisted that “students and employers must be able to rely on the value, quality and standards of qualifications.”

University Grade Inflation: It All Started with the Class of '92

Ah! The Class of '92! Becks, Scholesy, Gary Neville.……, no, not that class! This article is about the other Class of '92; Trent, Hallam, John Moores.

Artificial Intelligence: How Grade Inflation Induces Devaluation in Intellectual Assets

Race To The Bottom The Series: This is the second of a four-part series on university #GradeInflation; we’ll explore the evidence, the underlying causes, the defence by universities and the possible ways to resolve the problem.

Will A First Class Education Spell The Demise of The Desmond?

The Fluff A very good friend of mine, Jeremy, who is responsible for the recruitment of high flyers into his organisation, told me recently that he doesn’t bother looking at the ‘fluff’ (his words) at the top of CVs as ‘it’s all the same’, instead he starts by scrolling all the way to the bottom to look for a ‘bit of character’ under the ‘hobbies and interests section’.

What Is The Missing Link For Evolution Of Technical Education?

How reflection can be embedded into the #TLevel course  In the first of the two articles in this series we looked at an overview of the upcoming T Level offering and then in the second we ran through the background and importance of reflective learning, a key skill young people need to develop whether they embark on the university or work route.

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