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What could brave and honest educators do for our learners’ mental wellbeing?

If you’ve been working in education for a while, you’ve almost certainly come across some mental health challenges. No, I don’t mean your own! Although the pressure educators face is closely linked to what I want to talk about, I’d really like to focus here on the mental well-being of our learners.

Learning walks: What have they become?

Learning walks are full of potential to support awareness of the quality of learners’ experiences, provide opportunities for reflection, and get teams excitedly making the improvements they seek. Yes, full of potential, but are they really achieving this? This might be the intention, but I have to ask, what have learning walks become?

Improving teaching and learning: Are we asking the wrong question?

How do we improve teaching and learning? It's a big question isn't it? Some times though, it’s a question that perhaps we shouldn’t ask. This might sound a little odd. Of course we all want improved learning experiences for our learners, but sometimes, it’s the way we tackle it and the questions that we ask that need reconsidering.

Are we kryptonite to our super hero teachers?

Teaching is a mystery. I don’t mean the many questions about what makes great learning though. The real mystery, the beautiful truth that can never really be measured is the impact that a single teacher has on their learners. We can’t possibly know the full extent of this, but it’s safe to say that a good teacher, who builds up their learners and gives them their best, has a huge positive influence. This can be directly upon their learners, but there’s also the ripple effect upon others. So, one teacher can have an immeasurable positive impact upon a community. And many good teachers? Well, they really do rock our world.

Lesson observation records: A plea to box makers and their tickers

When it comes to observation records, I have issues with checklists, matrices, tables, scorecards, boxes to tick and all things criteria. I know this will be controversial and I suspect some might read this and automatically rationalize their own use of these things. Please bear with me and see this through.

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