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Call to scrap pen and paper exams by 2025: Five ways to improve assessment for all

A report by education technology not-for-profit, Jisc, calls for an overhaul of exams at colleges and universities, suggesting five ways to improve assessment for all

Boosting connectivity in education and research centres across the Jisc Midlands network

Midlands Connectivity Boost: SSE Enterprise Telecoms and Jisc to launch brand new fibre network across the region, education and research centres, including universities of Birmingham and Warwick, to benefit from connectivity speeds of up to 100Gbit/s SSE Enterprise Telecoms, one of the UK’s leading connectivity suppliers, has been chosen by Jisc, the digital solutions provider for the UK research and education sectors, to launch the ‘Jisc Midlands’ network. The brand-new network is a combination of the current Jisc East and West Midlands networks and will enable education and research facilities across the region to tap into connectivity speeds of up to 100Gbit/s.

Teaching staff need greater support to develop vital digital skills

UK-wide survey, published today, reveals college and university teaching staff have insufficient time to innovate and don’t receive recognition for developing key digital skills  A new survey, conducted by the education and technology not-for-profit Jisc explores the digital experiences of 6,534 members of teaching staff at 61 UK colleges and universities.

Logicalis UK joins Jisc Networks Equipment Framework

New student voter registration service proves popular ahead of general election

New student voter registration service gains its 1,000th sign-up - Momentum builds ahead of general election New technology that allows university and college students to quickly and easily register to vote has reached its first milestone – more than 1,000 students have now signed up to vote via a website launched earlier this year.


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