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Heidi Fraser-Krauss takes over as CEO at Jisc, the UK’s digital body for tertiary education and research

Paul Feldman retires after six years in charge @Jisc today (16 Sept), as @HeidiFraskrauss takes over as CEO. 

Most FE learners are positive about online learning

A significant proportion of further education or sixth form college learners faced barriers to online study during the pandemic. 

Students say universities must learn from the pandemic to improve high education

A Jisc survey of 38,917 university students in the last academic year finds that students need better support with digital skills, highlights the digital divide, and shares how universities can learn from the past year to give all students a superior education experience. The need for digital skills has accelerated dramatically as a result of the pandemic, for both learning and future employment.

Transforming infrastructure: Higher education leaders - Jisc podcast episode 4

Transforming infrastructure is the focus of this episode of the @Jisc higher education leaders podcast. Guests discuss what the campus of the future will look like and how these transformations present an opportunity to address digital inequity.

Graduation season easy pickings for fraudsters, warn experts

Prospects Hedd (@HEDD_UK), the degree fraud service run by Jisc (@Jisc), is warning students that sharing photos of graduation certificates on social media drives the multi-million pound trade in fake degrees. 

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