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Play the Game! EQA of EPA Needs a Common Set of Rules

Think of the last time you played a board game. Monopoly? Risk? Doesn’t matter. The important thing is that when you played, there were a set of rules that everyone had to follow if they wanted to play.

End-Point Assessment or End-Point Achievement?

Like any other industry, the education sector is guilty of creating and throwing around its own abbreviations and acronyms. Love them or loathe them, they’re here to stay. Their widespread usage creates a sense of shared endeavour. And once they are widely used, they begin to take on additional associations and baggage. For instance, DCS (Direct Claims Status, when training providers meet qualification quality standards set out by their awarding organisation) carries with it a positive association, as does APR (Accredited Prior Learning, where an individual’s past education is recognised by the award of a qualification).

Assessors Face Unique Challenges Adjusting to the New EPA Rules

I don’t know about you, but I could use a vacation. Maybe Antarctica. You know, a placid landscape where things, more or less, stay the same from one week to the next. Continuity.