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National Extension College appoints new Chief Executive

The National Extension College (@NEC_Education) – one of the UK’s longest-established providers of distance learning – has appointed Esther Chesterman as its new Chief Executive. She takes over from Ros Morpeth OBE, who led the organisation over three decades.  

The scandal of off-rolling students

The National Extension College, through online distance learning and educational charity, has supported and continues to support a diverse range of students. Although the majority remains adults who wish to return to education, in recent years we have also seen a steady rise in home educating families using our service. Still, within this group too, their backgrounds and reasons for using NEC vary. It may be they enrol with us in order to guarantee an exam place for their child. Some may take all their GCSEs and A levels with us, while others only take one or two subjects.

Adult Education Budget (AEB) devolution from ESFA to 7 mayoral combined authorities

A parliamentary debate on the subject of the Adult Education Budget (AEB) devolution, which is planned for launch later this year, is happening later today in the House of Commons.

See things from a new perspective and learn your way to better wellbeing #StartSomethingNew

Learning new things has a multitude of benefits. There are the benefits you can see, like helping you to get in to university or to get a new job, and the benefits you can’t see.

Government proposals to bar students achieving less than 3 Ds at A level from receiving student loan

With all that has been going on lately in Westminster, you would be forgiven if this story had passed you by. However due to the enormity of its potential impact - particularly in the current climate of Brexit uncertainty - NEC did not want it to go by without comment.

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