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Survivor guilt and the aftermath of Covid-19

Covid-19 has been a body blow to many companies around the world, not least in the UK. The economy shed almost three-quarters of a million jobs between March and July, and with the phasing-out of the furlough scheme, it seems inevitable that more redundancies are on the way. Even for those still in work, the situation is far from rosy. Many will have very mixed emotions about their jobs and be finding it difficult to keep engaged, in part because of survivor guilt.

Businesses must reflect on their workplace culture in order to foster inclusion

The Myers-Briggs Company (@themyersbriggs) encourages businesses to reflect on their workplace culture in order to foster inclusion

Entrepreneurship & personality insight helps business leaders innovate during Covid-19 crisis

In light of #SmallBusinessAdviceWeek (7-11 September), @TheMyersBriggs Company is encouraging business owners to harness internal entrepreneurship to survive and thrive during this difficult economic period.

Businesses must encourage employees to take a rest day to avoid WFH burnout

@themyersbriggs - Employees must take time off to avoid Work From Home burnout, warns @JohnHackston  Where the summer months normally bring relaxation and travel, the continued uncertainty around the coronavirus is likely to hinder this. With approximately 9.3 million jobs furloughed in the UK, those still working remotely may be facing more pressure to be seen as working hard. Although the UK government has given the green light for travel both domestically and internationally, uncertainty around the changing nature of quarantine restrictions may also make people reluctant to book a holiday, exacerbating the ‘WFH burnout’ already felt by many. 

47% of workers concerned about managing stress during the COVID-19 crisis

The sudden introduction of mass remote working that began just over two months ago was a paradigm shift for many companies, with businesses across the country rapidly adapting to new ways of working. The Coronavirus crisis has added an extra layer of stress and concern to our everyday lives, and it can be hard to concentrate and remain motivated at work.


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