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Voters urged to look beyond leaders’ image this general election

#GE19 - Modern leaders must demonstrate flexibility in order to be effective Over 3.1 million people have applied to register to vote in the upcoming UK general election, with The Electoral Office reporting the figures as record breaking. As a surge of voters go to the polls on the 12th of December in what is expected to be one of the most polarising elections of recent history, business psychology experts The Myers-Briggs Company urges voters to use self-awareness to look beyond the traditional image of leadership.

Businesses must consider purpose for an engaged workforce, says The Myers-Briggs Company

Recently, top CEOs launched a call to action to businesses, policymakers, and civil society organisations, stating the need to work together to ensure businesses provide value to society through a strong purpose and ethical foundation.

Leverage the entrepreneurial skills of your employees #GEW2019

40% of workers consider themselves an entrepreneur, research reveals The Myers-Briggs Company encourages businesses to leverage employees’ entrepreneurial strengths for improved financial performance during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Flexible working can lead to burnout culture #FutureofEmployment

Organisations must take a stand against the ‘always-on’ culture or risk the rise of a disengaged and dissatisfied workforce, says John Hackston:

Wellbeing at work improves with age - The positive role of relationships, gender and nationality in workplace wellbeing #WorldMentalHealthDay2019

This World Mental Health Day, research from The Myers-Briggs Company provides key insights into workplace wellbeing   Recent research from The Myers-Briggs Company – focused around a study of more than 10,000 people from 131 countries – reveals how well-being at work improves with age and looks at the positive role of relationships in workplace well-being, as well as the role of gender and nationality.