Articles from University College London (UCL)

BAME millennials have less stable working lives than their white peers

#ZeroHours Contracts - #BAME millennials at greater risk of being in precarious employment say @UCL  Millennials from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are 47% more likely to be on a zero-hours contract, and have 10% greater odds of working a second job, compared to their White peers, according to a new report "Race inequality in the workforce: exploring connections between work, ethnicity and mental health" from the UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Carnegie UK Trust, and Operation Black Vote.

Global Deliberations on The Future of Work, Education and Skills: The Saudi Phase

#G20SaudiArabia - The world is witnessing not only a change in the nature of work, but also in the nature of employment #FutureofWork #FutureofEmployment The G20 is an odd organization. Each summer it brings together the leaders and senior ministers of the world’s most advanced economies and considers matters of global importance, issues on which collaborative and sustained international action is required to counter global threats and uncertainties.

Establishing foundations for learners and professionals to develop skills for the jobs of the future - Dr Jay Derrick UCL

FE News chat with Dr Jay Derrick from UCL. Jay is a Senior Lecturer at UCL, IOE - Education, Practice & Society and Institute of Education. He is also a Senior Lecturer on an Engineering MSc encouraging lifelong learning and agile skill sets for engineers. 

The Impact of Reading Aloud in Britain Today - Dr Sam Duncan UCL Discusses RABiT

FE News chat with Dr Sam Duncan from UCL about her recent research project called RABiT (Reading Aloud in Britain Today).

Adult Learning Infrastructure is a Central Feature of a Healthy Democracy - Dr Jay Derrick UCL

FE News catch up with Dr Jay Derrick to chat about informal Lifelong learning. Jay is a Senior Lecturer at UCL, IOE - Education, Practice & Society and Institute of Education.