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Who would talk to a chatbot about their career?

As COVID-19 disruptions deepen, careers and employability advisers are under extraordinary pressure to support unprecedented numbers of workers and those facing redundancy. They are being asked to do serve more people with less time. They are being asked to use labour market information in an environment where historical trends lose their credibility. Many are ready to rise to the challenge and hungry for the tools to help them succeed.

Livelihoods and opportunities must be at the forefront of Ministerial decisions

In light of the growing negative impact of uncertainty in schooling arrangements and negative impact of the new strain of virus, supporting people’s livelihoods and creating opportunities must be at the forefront of Ministerial decisions in the coming months ahead.

Careers Advice and Guidance rap - Share, Learn and Transform

Jon Chase has put together a Careers Advice and Guidance rap around the power of education and evolving careers at a time of risk and uncertainty... @DeirdreTalks shares the event from the DMH First Virtual Careers Conference  Deirdre Hughes OBE shares with us a new video with lyrics by Jon Chase which highlight the importance of inclusive careers support for young people and adults. ‘Career’ is a complex and contentious term, particularly in a Covid-19 context. Jobs and labour markets are changing rapidly. Staying healthy, livelihoods and being able to pay the bills are priorities for many individuals and families. This will necessitate new skills and mindsets focused on accessing opportunities, career adaptability and resilience. As we approach Christmas and a long-awaited New Year, this lively 'rap' reminds us of the power of education and evolving careers at a time of risk and uncertainty.

International trends and global innovation in career guidance

Education training and labour market intelligence and delivery arrangements are in a state of flux. No-one knows for sure what the education and careers support landscape will look like in a post-Covid era. For citizens, a glimmer of hope rests in finding a vaccine to eradicate the virus and hopefully a new chapter in society will begin in mid-late 2021.

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) Times: Building Inclusive Careers Support Services

Careers Strategy 2020 due to be published very soon   In each of the four home nations, four UK Ministers reflect on the impact of COVID on people’s lives and how the education and training landscape is evolving.

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