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International trends and global innovation in career guidance

Education training and labour market intelligence and delivery arrangements are in a state of flux. No-one knows for sure what the education and careers support landscape will look like in a post-Covid era. For citizens, a glimmer of hope rests in finding a vaccine to eradicate the virus and hopefully a new chapter in society will begin in mid-late 2021.

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) Times: Building Inclusive Careers Support Services

Careers Strategy 2020 due to be published very soon   In each of the four home nations, four UK Ministers reflect on the impact of COVID on people’s lives and how the education and training landscape is evolving.

Education and careers: space to place new steps of change

In some parts of the UK, school holidays and/or temporary school closures are taking place. In local areas, tensions are bubbling to the surface where different geographical rules apply in an attempt by the four devolved nations and local authorities to stop the spread of Covid-19. There are growing concerns about jobs, livelihoods and individuals being able to pay their bills and ‘put bread on the table’. We are moving into a long and potentially difficult winter. Alongside health and well-being, fairness and opportunities are two major issues that must be addressed for our society to thrive and prosper.

A massive shock to the education and careers support system on its way

The introduction of new restrictions set out by the Prime Minster has reminded us all of the serious consequences of further lockdown measures on the British economy and the nation’s health and wellbeing. For those working in hospitality, leisure, theatres, travel and tourism, Covid-19 has ravaged jobs in these sectors.

Am I Still Needed? Making Careers Guidance Better for Everyone

Following the ease of lockdown, many young people and adults are thinking about the opportunities that may or may not lie ahead in the coming year(s). For those displaced from the familiar routine of their everyday work, particularly those affected in hard hit sectors such as travel, hospitality, arts, entertainment or recreation, these are tough times. As furlough arrangements end in October, thousands of individuals will be thinking “Am I still needed and will I have an income to pay the bills?”


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