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AI is a door to productivity gains, but data literacy holds the keys

Productivity is a very British problem. According to the latest figures from the OECD, us Brits are among the hardest workers in Europe, averaging three hours per week more than average across the EU.

One in four women still have a #Weinstein in their workplace

…with more than a third experiencing sexual harassment in the last 12 months, study shows.

Addressing UK’s data literacy skills gap: Tableau and AVADO

New comprehensive suite of data training programmes designed to prepare workers, from schoolleavers to business leaders, for demands of data‐led economy

Half of UK managers (49%) feel their gender or age has diminished colleagues’ confidence in them

Women are five times more likely to feel that their gender hinders confidence in them in the workplace

A Lost Generation of Scientists? UK schools urged to do more to turn kids on to science

Calls for more balanced curriculum to encourage more school leavers into STEM undergraduate courses

The uptake of students studying science and maths is welcome progress, but studying engineering is creative and should not be limited to only those who have taken these subjects at A-Level, says the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

RAF partner with AVADO and the CIPD to announce a new learning initiative for their service personnel

The Royal Air Force have partnered with digital transformation experts AVADO and the CIPD to announce a new learning initiative for their service personnel.

IET launches new campaign to get more young people into STEM #SmashStereotypesToBits

National Apprenticeship Week - How Can Businesses Find Their ‘Ronaldo’?

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Why is the global workforce not prepared for what lies ahead?