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FIND THOSE MISSING VOTERS! To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the younger generation

ON the day the Prime Minister called a general election last month 350,000 people registered to vote on line. Yet it's estimated that up to 9 million people across the UK are still 'missing' from the official electoral register.

Working-class youth and the old Youth Training Scheme

YOUTH unemployment has been a big socio-economic problem in the UK for 40 years.

Making Mental Health a regional priority on World Mental Health Day

#WorldMentalHealthDay2019 places a spot light on the mental health epidemic which affects millions. It’s also about raising awareness and sharing a better understanding of mental health issues especially suicide.

End the Engine of Privilege: Time to Reform Britain’s Fee-Paying schools

Reform Options for Britain’s Private Schools With Old Etonian Boris Johnson newly in post as Prime Minister, policy wonks from both sides of the political spectrum have re-focused their attention on the role of fee-paying schools in the educational system. 

#GCSE and #ALEVEL entries for Religious Studies may have fallen - But as a Nation we haven't stopped believing

STUDENT entries for GCSE and A-level Religious Studies has fallen in the last year.


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