Steve Spriggs had a status update on Linkedin 11 months ago

We are delighted to announce William Clarence Education has been shortlisted in two categories for the Education Investor Awards 2017. Thank you to everyone involved for continuing to provide an outstanding level of service and commitment to all of our school and university placement clients, homeschooling families and international partners.

Articles from Steve Spriggs

William Clarence Education Expands School and University Placement Consultancy Practice with 3 New Team Members

Following a record-setting Summer for the London Education Consultancy, the firm announced three new appointments this week, adding to its exceptional team of school placement, university and UCAS advisors.

William Clarence Education Director issues new advice on T Levels following Westminster Conference

Stephen Spriggs, founder and MD of the leading London Education Consultancy, shared his thoughts this week in a new statement, following the firm’s appearance at Westminster Education Forum to advise on the future of T-Levels.

University League Tables - Notoriously subjective and misleading

The Guardian’s university league tables are out and the headline news is that Nottingham Trent University has overtaken Nottingham University, “a member of the elite Russell Group” in the ranks.

Endorsement or bribery? Undergraduates three times more likely to receive an offer after 'string pulling'

From getting a good table at your favourite restaurant to hearing about a brilliant job before it’s advertised, we all know it’s not what you know but who you know. Now a study has shown that undergraduates who receive a personal endorsement are three times more likely to receive an offer, despite being no better than any other applicant.

Is the higher education family heading for a divorce?

As universities wait to hear if the government is going to slash tuition fees – and thus their income – in a bid to win young voters, the rumour rippling through our esteemed seats of learning is that, if this goes ahead, Oxford and Cambridge will opt out and go private.

Even the royal family knows the future is Chinese

There was a time when classrooms were dominated by the ‘3 Rs’, reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. Now, the focus is on Mandarin. And it’s not just the privileged kids in boaters learning this Chinese language – the subject is being taught to state school children from the poorest areas.

Is a UCAS system really the hidden answer for independent schools?

To win a place at private school, 11-year-olds have to prepare for and sit a number of entrance exams and then smile through lots of interviews, which can be exhausting for child and parent alike. So, the suggestion that the independent sector should adopt a UCAS-style selection application system sounds great, although, as ever, the devil is in the detail.

T Levels being shunned by top universities

I’m not surprised that the new technical qualification, the T Level, is being shunned by top universities. The Department for Education (DfE) may describe the T Levels as “world class” qualifications “on a par” with traditional A levels but it’s the unis who will put those theories to the test and right now they’re not convinced.


After more than five years in the tuition business, I’m used to hearing parents’ demands when it comes to choosing a private school for their child. Whether they want single-sex or co-ed, excellent sports facilities, a location close to London, or a decent position on the school league tables, I understand that when paying for education, people want to know exactly what they’re getting and they want to get the best.

US families set their hearts on UK university and school places

Leading London education consultancy, William Clarence, announced this week a 25% spike in enquiries from families looking to relocate from the US to the UK.