Steve Spriggs had a status update on Linkedin 1 year ago

We are delighted to announce William Clarence Education has been shortlisted in two categories for the Education Investor Awards 2017. Thank you to everyone involved for continuing to provide an outstanding level of service and commitment to all of our school and university placement clients, homeschooling families and international partners.

Articles from Steve Spriggs

#Brexit Uncertainty and Structural Change faces many of the UK’s independent schools

In response to the mounting financial pressures facing many of the UK’s independent schools, as a result of a challenging admissions environment, William Clarence Education launched a new division this month – William Clarence School Services (WCSS) - to support senior leaders responsible for marketing and student recruitment.

Leading Head urges independent schools to promote social mobility

Writing on the importance of bursaries in the recently launched Independent School Admissions Plus magazine, David Goodhew, Headmaster of Latymer Upper School, says that ‘few things can compare with the opportunity to transform a young-person’s life chances’.

William Clarence Education vows to tackle the threats facing the UK's Independent School Sector

The Managing Director of the leading London Education Consultancy made a new statement this week concerning some of the headwinds facing independent institutions in the UK and pledged to be part of the solution.

Protections need to be put in place to safeguard institutions and students against ‘commission creep’

I’m disturbed to hear of a dishonest and exploitative practice affecting further education right now.

William Clarence Education Founder Calls Out Conflicts of Interest for International School Placement Agencies

Following mounting reports of agents squeezing schools and families for commissions in return for poor-fit placements, Stephen Spriggs spoke out this week, calling for transparency and impartiality from education consultancies, and the need for regulation if things don’t improve.