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Sturgeon’s criticism of external #RoATP bid writers is wide of the mark

At last week’s AELP National Conference, Sheila Sturgeon, a Senior Policy Advisor at the Department of Education, warned providers against using external bid writers to apply for a place on RoATP.

3aaa: Another wake up call for the ESFA and Ofsted?

There is a well-known proverb, which I am sure you know: “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

RoATP Consultation & Refresh: What Happens Next?

It’s been nine months since the most recent RoATP application window shut, and we’ve since been waiting with bated breath for news about how the register may re-open and be refreshed.

Is it Wrong to Give Learndirect Special Treatment?

Non-Levy Bidding: What did we Learn?

As Hurricane Irma has finally begun to subside, the storm of ESFA non-levy bidding has also dissipated, at least for now. Like the previous non-levy procurement, abandoned earlier in the year, this latest exercise has courted plenty of controversy. There has been widespread concern at the complexity of the process, the determination of contract caps, and the mountain of clarification queries. But is any of this really any surprise? The challenges in commissioning apprenticeships are arguably so inherent that it is probably impossible to design a competition which does justice to the job.

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