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England is teaching America a thing or two

How England is teaching America a thing or two about scaling successful apprenticeship

Learning From England’s Apprenticeship Expansion

President, Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange Forum (TAEF), Tom Bewick's presentation to the 3rd Annual Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange Forum 14th November 2017, Urban Institute, Washington D.C.

Going Stateside

America aims to create 5 million additional apprenticeships by 2022 and it is looking to UK providers for help

Tom Bewick discusses the business opportunities for UK apprenticeship providers in the USA


A tech start-up will launch a world-first in Apprenticeship jobs board technology during National Apprenticeship Week.

Obama announces $175m fund to rocket boost US apprenticeships

President Obama visited Macomb Community College in Michigan last week. It was his second visit to the college since he first announced in 2009 that America had to do far more to train for the skilled jobs of the future. The college has since pioneered an award winning 'earn and learn' model of apprenticeship.

Tom Bewick discusses the expanding USA Apprenticeship programme and how you can get involved

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