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FETL research: Shaping the Future: A 21st Century Skills System for Wales – Challenges and Opportunities

FETL and IPPR asks how Wales can develop a skills system equal to the challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive global and national trends

Leadership in Prison education, meeting the challenges of the new system

Ruth Silver Reflects on Angela Sanders New FETL Report Prison education has typically been a low priority, both within the justice system and for education in the UK. It is, as I have written elsewhere, the poor relation in the family of further education provision, and, where excellence exists – and exist it does – it is usually down to the determination of a few committed individuals prepared to swim against the tide rather than any deliberate intervention at the level of national policy.

FETL latest research released: Leadership, Further Education and Social Justice

New research published by @FETforL: Most further education colleges see their work as contributing to social justice but how is this put into practice and what does outstanding provision with social justice at its heart look like? These are the key questions asked in a new report from Rob Smith, of Birmingham City University, and Vicky Duckworth, of Edge Hill University, funded and published by the Further Education Trust for Leadership.

Leading by Listening: The FE sector speaks for itself

Exploring the mood and wellbeing of #FE Does this better describe the students, or the whole sector? The parallels abound, in Leading by Listening: Reflective Learning, my study of the #FE sector that is published today (13 Feb):

What do FE staff and students really think?

New research published by @FETforL offers a snapshot of further education based on the views of the people who work and study in the sector.

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