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Covid-19 and the Design Sector: The New Normal Podcast Episode 7

This week, we welcome Penny Lee AKA The Brand Directoress (@B_Directoress) to the (virtual) booth, where we discuss how the Design sector has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, what future changes to the industry this might precipitate and how students, graduates and job seekers interested in careers in this area can take advantage of the networks and free support currently being offered by professionals in this sector.

A Vision for a Post-Covid Society: The New Normal Podcast Episode 6

This week, we welcome Carolyn Parry, the Founder and Director of @CareerAlchemy to the (virtual) booth, where we explore what the future of work, life and education could look like following the pandemic, as well as how innovative new initiatives like Carolyn's Inspired Teenager Plus programme can help us to reframe the concept of 'Career' through the lens of purpose and 'wicked problems' like the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How the FE Sector is Meeting the Challenge of Coronavirus: The New Normal Podcast Episode 5

This week we welcome Ben Owen, Deputy Principal of @BarnsleyCollege in South Yorkshire to the (virtual) booth, where we discuss how the pandemic has impacted on further education, the steps that Ben and his colleagues are taking to mitigate the detrimental effects for students and what the FE sector may look like from September 2020 onward. 

The Torn Identity – How can we utilise the professional and the personal in our career development?

The concept of identity Careers Adviser. Writer. Volunteer. Runner. Reader. Listener. Partner. Brother. Son. Friend.

The Baker Clause – How will the school system react?

On 2nd January 2018, the Baker Clause comes into force across England and Wales, effectively forcing all schools to open their doors to FE, apprenticeship and alternative 14-16 training providers, so that they have access to speak with students from Years 8-13 about their offer at 14-16, post-16 and post-18, a move expected to be met with opposition by many school leaders.


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