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Music is part of the curriculum but simply ‘doing’ music is not enough

@Ofstednews has published its latest music research review looking at music education in schools. 

Yes, there’s a hard path ahead, but I’m confident you’re up to the task

Amanda Spielman @Ofstednews discussed the impact of COVID-19 and recent work at the Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS) annual conference:

Ofsted inspections to look at how schools and colleges work to prevent sexual harassment, online sexual abuse and sexual violence

@Ofstednews has today (28 Jun) published updated education inspection handbooks, clarifying how inspectors will assess how schools and colleges confront sexual harassment, abuse and violence among children and young people.

Broadening minds remains our best hope of leaving the world a better place than we found it

Ofstednews's Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman gave a speech at the annual Festival of Education conference:

Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre is unsafe for children and staff, says Amanda Spielman

Serious and widespread failings at Rainsbrook secure training centre have put children and staff at risk of harm, Ofsted, HMI Prisons and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) find.

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Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

FE News: The Future of Education News Channel had a status update on Twitter yesterday

RT @NCFE: ‘For as long as humans have worked, and whatever industry they may have worked in, success has always been predicated on having t…
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