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Apprenticeship, Social Mobility and the Levelling-Up Agenda – The Need for a More Ambitious Approach

What role should Apprenticeships have in supporting social mobility and the levelling-up agenda?  Following on from the publication in the summer of UVAC’s report Skills: A Post Covid 19 System, October saw publication of our latest report Realising the Potential of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship in Supporting Social Mobility and the Levelling Up Agenda.

England needs an Adult Skills White Paper not a Further Education White Paper

The Government’s Approach to Adult Skills  There is much to welcome in the Prime Minister’s announcements on Adult Skills. England needs better technical education and a better approach to Adult Skills. A Lifetime Skills guarantee makes sense, as do better credit transfer arrangements, better access to loans for individuals following higher technical qualifications and greater availability of bite sized, segmented and short programmes of study.

Universities, Higher Technical Qualifications and Apprenticeships

There is a lot to welcome in the Secretary of State’s arguments on the role of universities in the delivery of higher technical qualifications and apprenticeships.

Review of the Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship - 6 points to consider

Let's #LookBeyond - Review of the Senior Leader Degree #Apprenticeship UVAC welcomes the review, but in our response to the Institute, Department of Education and Treasury we will be making clear that this should be undertaken as part of a broader review of Apprenticeship funding and the operation of the levy. 

The Purpose of Apprenticeships, the Rationale for the Apprenticeship Levy and the Role of Universities in Skills Provision

Defining what is meant by an ‘apprenticeship’ Let’s start with the purpose of an Apprenticeship. An Apprenticeship is a form of learning. Individuals in employment learn ‘on’ and ‘off’ the job to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be occupationally competent for a defined occupation.


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