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Epping Forest College: Open Day - Interactive...

A look at Epping Forest College open day giving you the opportunity to see what courses and teaching is on offer. This extended look includes...

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Saboohi Famili is leaving Epping Forest College due to merger plans

Epping Forest announces the departure of their CEO and Principal due to merger plans.

#BelieveInKindness How education can change the world

I was born in Iran, lived, studied and worked there till I was 28 and became a refugee in UK in 1999 after an uprising in Iran and whilst I was visiting my parents. Witnessing the inequalities forced by an unfair regime and my sense of fairness has meant that I will stand up for what I believe is right and this has meant that I have been at loggerheads with the Islamic government which does not value debate and dialogue and is more interested in forcing a pre-fabricated ideology.