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The Dawn of FE’s Digital Age?

In just a few months, the FE landscape has changed beyond recognition. Previously full colleges and classrooms have disappeared and in their place we’ve seen a complete shift to distance learning and online teaching. As the government begins to consider a return to in-person education, what role is edtech going to play in the post-Covid FE landscape?

Protecting student success through flexible learning

These are unprecedented times. As we continue to deal with the extraordinary side-effects of the global coronavirus outbreak, normal life has been effectively suspended and educators are firmly on the front line of a national effort to keep students learning. 

Moving the needle for FE: How do government spending commitments stack up?

How can the government’s spending commitments move the needle for #FE? Further Education (FE) institutions have long been promised the full attention of the Department for Education (DfE), and in the wake of December’s General Election we saw progression towards this goal, with the promise of additional funding going into 2020 and beyond.

Exploring the true power of technology for FE colleges

In the face of dwindling budgets, increasing student numbers, an unknown employment market and heightened competition, FE colleges are increasingly turning to technology to deliver a more valuable education experience.

Tackling falling adult student numbers in the UK is a priority

If Further Education is considered the overlooked middle child of the UK’s education system, adult learning might be seen as a distant cousin.


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