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Workforce Regrowth: FE’s role in the ever-changing skills picture

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the need for Further Education providers to prepare students for an unpredictable and fast changing workplace. The employment market is in flux, and as businesses cope with the double whammy of a global pandemic and the relentless march of automation, the need for skilled, adaptable and capable employees - able to make an immediate impact on the workforce – has never been greater.

Beyond the gadgets: Why EdTech procurement needs revisiting as we return to face-to-face learning

The #EdTech industry is booming. While the coronavirus pandemic has supercharged the use of digital technology in universities and FE colleges, educators were reaping the rewards of technology investment long before lockdown. Today, the UK alone is home to more than 1,200 edtech companies, and it is estimated that educators spend £900 million on digital tools annually.

When it comes to skills, the pandemic is as much an opportunity as it is a threat

UN Secretary General António Guterres recently paid tribute to the resilience of students, teachers and families in the face of the global pandemic that, at its peak, forced almost every school, institute and university to close its doors. Indeed, despite overwhelming disruption, we’ve seen the pandemic leading to impressive innovation, as educators and students have pivoted online with remarkable speed.

This time it’s personal - meeting the needs of Gen Z learners

The next generation of students — dubbed Generation Z, or sometimes Zoomers — will soon be flooding into higher and further education. Millennials may be tech savvy, but Gen Z students are in a different league - they’re tech natives, with many spending their entire lives immersed in a digital world.

Edtech accessibility: why software design is as important as hardware provision

Since the pandemic began, discussion around access to education technology has focused emphatically on inequalities in hardware provision. Senior figures in government, tech and education have all grappled with the challenge of providing every young learner in the country with the right devices to learn from home.

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