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Coleg Sir Gar Deploys The Latest Jamboard Screen Technology From Google to Engage, Excite & Inspire

@ColegSirGar is a large and successful further education college based in South Wales in the UK. With over 10,000 students the college is a major education and training provider with just under 1000 staff and a turnover in excess of £40 million. The college is passionate about using the latest technologies to support learning and in 2020 was seeking to deploy the best screen technologies to engage students and after an assessment process decided that Jamboards were the right tool for the job. The college has been supported to do this with the generous help and support of the Welsh Government as part of its commitment to Digital 2030.

Warwickshire College Group Adopts G Suite Enterprise for Education

Warwickshire College Group (@WCollegeGroup) is one of the largest further and higher education colleges in the UK with a strong focus on aligning learning to the needs of industry with a distinctive reputation for the application of leading technologies to the learning experience. 

Free Radicals. British Values vs The Disinformation Age

British Values, democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance has long been a part of the UK education landscape in part as an attempt to address the threat posed by radicalisation as directed by the UK Government.

RNN Group Upgrade to Google Enterprise for Education

The @RNNGroup, the largest single provider of education to school leavers across South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire, has announced that it has deployed Google Enterprise for Education from leading Google Premier Education Partner and Technology Build Partner C-Learning (@C_learning_net) @CloudBusiness9 to support its progressive approach to technology enabled learning.  

Why Project Based Learning prepares students for the modern world

The business of creativity  If you’re new to education and haven’t discovered the most watched TED talk of all time ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ by Sir Ken Robinson I would highly recommend it. Back in 2006 Sir Ken delivered this presentation to a small audience in California. To date it has now been viewed by tens of millions of people, more than similar talks by Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs combined. Sir Ken’s core contention that ‘creativity is as important now as literacy and numeracy and should be given the same status’ clearly resonated, and not just with educators. In a recent study by PwC titled ‘The talent challenge: Harnessing the power of human skills in the machine age’ some of the most sought after skills needed in business such as adaptability, creativity and innovation are apparently the hardest to find, and most prized, in what is referred to as ‘today’s skills battleground’. As someone who runs a number of companies, this feels true. To solve the global challenges we face, creativity clearly isn’t optional. As a generalisation the business world seems to get this, yet despite the influence and reach of Sir Ken Robinsons thought leadership there remains a major disconnect between thinking and doing when it comes to aligning creativity in education with industry.


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