Articles from Jamie Smith

Focused on learning: How #EdTech is Keeping Students on Task

According to Cambridge Assessment the average age of a UK teacher is 39.

C-Learning Becomes Google for Education Technology Build Partner with Classroom Toolbox

C-Learning, a Google Cloud Partner focused on delivering Google for Education solutions, has announced that it has become a Google for Education Build Partner as a result of delivering integrations with Google for Education’s product portfolio, such as the Classroom Toolbox integration with Google Classroom.

New Google ‘Classroom Toolbox’ Solution Launches

C-Learning Launches New Google ‘Classroom Toolbox’ Solution At Google Academy London Providing IT Teams With Feature Rich Controls Over Google Classrooms C-Learning, a Google Premier Education Partner, has launched a new solution at Google Academy London enabling IT teams to easily manage Google Classrooms in new ways. For organisations using the new solution called ‘Classroom Toolbox’, the IT team will now be able to add or remove teachers, change ownership of classrooms and benefit from a whole range of wider functionality including making announcements and reporting. 

#Edtech - The Journey From Fear to Fantastic

For leaders seeking to enable change through technology one of the most commonly heard phrases is ‘I’m all for change….. But’.

Technology vs #MentalHealth - It’s Time for Education to Take a Lesson in Wellbeing

You’re fine, how am I doing? As two psychologists were heard to say.