Articles from Jamie Smith

Peterborough Regional College Deploys New Online Learning Solution with The Blended Learning Consortium, C-Learning & Google

Peterborough Regional College, a member of the more than 100 college strong Blended Learning Consortium (BLC), has implemented software designed by C-Learning that combines online modules available through the BLC with the online learning solution Google Classroom to enable learning at any time, on any device and in any location.

From Silicon Valley To The Classroom: #EdTech Lessons From The West Coast

American internet entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn, once said that Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location.

Smarter Learning: How artificial intelligence is transforming education #AI

You know you are in the digital age when you have to intervene between two robots arguing in your home, as happened to me recently when my Google Home Hub believed my Google Assistant on my Pixelbook was speaking to it rather than to me and they started misunderstanding each other.

Bob Harrison Announced as Speaker at Further Education Good Practice Symposium at Birmingham Metropolitan College on the 19th June

C-Learning has announced that Bob Harrison is joining the impressive set of guest speakers at the forthcoming 'Further Education Good Practice Symposium' to be held at Birmingham Metropolitan College on the 19th June.

Basingstoke College of Technology to Host ‘Showcasing Learning Resources’ Event

Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) have announced a ‘Showcasing Learning Resources’ half day event on Wednesday the 27th March for staff in the further education sector seeking to gain insights into how technology is helping to reduce workloads and deliver transformation in learner engagement.