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“The face of Britain is becoming a face of diversity” and VTCT is following suit

@VTCT_uk #EDI One year on  In May 2020, the brutal murder of George Floyd shook the world to its core. In the midst of a collective pain and mourning shared across the globe, came a renewed vigour for action to reckon with the spectre of racial inequality. It became a time for long awaited introspection from every facet of society, from individuals all the way to public, private and third sector institutions. A time to enact real sustainable and evidenced change.

Let’s Create A Sporting Chance for Skills and Apprenticeships Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022

As the British sociologist Anthony Giddens once said, “Dr Martin Luther King did not stir his audience in 1963 by saying, ‘I have a nightmare’”. Indeed, if this most recent of times has shown us anything, we need to dream big. To make the audacious claim; to try and be more than what we perceive we are.


VTCT (@VTCT_uk) and iTEC (@ITECWorld) have appointed a new Chair and Vice-Chair for their board of trustees

Infection Prevention Qualifications launched by VTCT

@VTCT_uk - Qualification Enhancement for Exceptional Times In order to help embed best practice and assist with building the confidence of both our centres, learners and their clients on how to “return back” safely, VTCT will from next week release six new Infection Prevention qualifications, which will become a pre-requisite on all VTCT and ITEC qualifications from 1st August 2020 onwards.


VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust), market-leading specialist awarding organisation offering vocational and technical qualifications, has announced today the appointment of three new members to its board of trustees.

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The Environmental Impacts of Remote Work: Stats and Benefits: Working from home is a necessity rather than a luxury…
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