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We Just Named the 30 Founding International Faculty Members I want to personally introduce you to the 30 founding members of the Flipped Learning International Faculty. They are an exceptional group that emerged from a field of 558 candidates. You may know some of them. They hail from 12 countries and can teach the best active learning strategies in five languages. They've all completed a demanding program that required them to demonstrate proficiency across cultures, time zones, and disciplines. I think this is a group you'll want to keep an eye on and perhaps follow what they are about to do next. Flipped Learning Global Initiative Introduces 30 Founding International Faculty Members Warm regards, Jon


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@ipryce I’ve not known them for 30 years .... but I now a lot more about classical music and most of those composers are dead!
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RT @FENews: Beacon Awards 2020 Winners Celebrate With Virtual Ceremony: #AoCBeacons - Now in their 25th year, the @AoC_info Beacon Awards c…
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