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Holidays and Quarantine: Top 7 School and College Questions Answered

On Saturday night, the government announced it was removing Spain from the list of countries on its travel corridor scheme. This means that anyone returning from Spain, including the Balearics and Canaries, must self-isolate on their return to the UK for 14 days.

Supreme Court will determine how much holiday term-time workers must receive

@JoMoseley1 @irwinmitchell advises how the Supreme Court will determine how much holiday term-time workers must receive Recently we heard that the Supreme Court has given permission for the employers to appeal against the Court of Appeal's decision in Brazel v Harpur Trust. 

Help is urgently needed from the Government if student accommodation providers are to survive Covid-19

University and FE providers generally need to be aware that the coronavirus pandemic has placed student accommodation providers in a dire situation. Not only are accommodation providers looking at empty rooms this academic year, but 20/21 numbers are anticipated to see a drop of up to 30%.

Third party harassment – could you be liable?

The media have recently reported on a tribunal case involving a member of staff at a public boarding school in Kent who resigned from her role citing discriminatory treatment and alleged verbal abuse from pupils. This case is a useful reminder and highlights the importance for FE Colleges to take action against any allegation of harassment against its employees, not only where the allegations are against other employees but also by third parties, such as students.

Trade Union Bill

The government is proposing wide-sweeping reforms of the law on industrial action. Although the Trade Union Bill has just closed its consultation stage, it is hotly debated between employer organisations and unions as the effects of these reforms could tip the balance of power – in favour of the employer - in cases of industrial action.