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Reshaping The Future Of Businesses And Entrepreneurs

The Business Show, which is in its 41st edition, was held last week on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th May at London Excel during Mental Health Awareness Week UK, with the outlook of reshaping the future of Businesses and Entrepreneurs. 

Not Another Business Event - The Business Show Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary

Another Business Event?!  But one which is on its 40th Show and has had the support from the biggest Business Industry leaders to date. This week, on the 14th and 15th November, ‘The Business Show’ will open the doors for its 40th Anniversary at The Excel, London.

The Business Show Celebrates Strong Women In Business #FutureofEmployment

For a very long time, women have been struggling with a variety of stigmas and issues involving their gender and being recognised as leaders in Business; the Gender Pay Gap is only one of the hot topics affecting female leaders in Business.

The Business Show Partners With ‘Time To Change’ To End Mental Health Discrimination

It’s time to Change and end Mental Health, it has been the biggest stigma and non talked about taboo for decades especially within Businesses affecting Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Ben Chai has been selected for his second TEDx talk this June

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