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NEO LMS awarded best LMS for Higher Education by The Craig Weiss Group

NEO, the learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities created by CYPHER LEARNING, has been announced as the number one LMS for Higher Education by the Craig Weiss Group in the report Top 50 Learning Systems for 2019.

Only a quarter of parents would encourage their child to pursue technical education - despite Government reforms

Survey of young people and parents shows that there is more to do to make the Government’s technical education reforms a success

More than 70 years on, the technical education sector is still in flux

The UK’s modern education system dates back to the 1944 and 1947 Education Acts, which created universal free secondary education. The system was built around three types of schools: grammar, secondary modern and secondary technical. In effect, this created the divide between technical and academic education and the perception that one was better than the other – the legacy of which the UK has found it so hard to shake, despite repeated efforts to do so.

Government decision to retain teacher qualification regulations has profound implication for the training of childcare staff

The latest decision of FE and Skills Minister John Hayes to drop his plan to suspend regulations governing teaching qualifications is to be applauded because it allows all employers, managers and staff in the sector the opportunity to reappraise the professional needs of colleges and shape their own destinies.

Childcare must not be left to chance

There are deep contradictions emerging over the future of child care provision as central and local government spending cuts adversely affect the provision of grants for training new child care professionals while demand from parents for places rises inexorably.