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Fashion Education’s Crucial Role In The Economic Recovery

The arts industry has a huge role in the health of the British economy. Guardian figures placed £74bn as a conservative estimate as to the total economic loss closures across the industry would cause; the full picture is yet to be established. As the economy gets going once again and industry is turned to in order to provide that impetus, there is a predictable focus falling on how those in education and training can make an impact in industries like technology. However, there is clear evidence to show that those students building experience in fashion will make huge contributions to economic and societal recovery. Weddings are a fantastic example of this.

Exercise Enhances Academic Performance in Students

Last year, only 45% of children and young people met NHS guidelines to undertake at least 60 minutes of moderately intense exercise every day.  Encouraging young people to be physically active not only improves their health and wellbeing but has also been shown to help them perform better academically in school and college.  Prioritising sport and exercise in schools can boost resilience, self-esteem and educational achievement. More specifically, increased activity has been linked to improved grades and examination results.

Biomedical Engineering’s Big Expansion - Helping the next generation of biomed brains to train and conduct research

As far as cutting-edge disciplines go, there can’t be many more important and unique than biomedical engineering. The interface between medicine and engineering is seeing a boom in interest, with world-leading research institutions in Cambridge, UK, pouring money into a new biomed campus that will help the next generation of biomed brains to train and conduct research. An industry involved in a huge surge of growth, there has scarcely been a better time to get involved – partly due to the quality of training, but also because of the research being conducted in the industry and the onward career prospects it offers.

Smart Housing Features Address Sustainability Concerns For University Students

Sustainability is a genuine concern for students in the UK, with over 80% believing that eco-friendly development should be actively promoted and incorporated by UK universities - a demand that increases as students progress through their respective degrees. The ability to lower one’s carbon footprint through technology is one that also appeals to students, with many opting for smart houses that enable them to live in a more personalised, eco-friendly manner. These are just a few features to watch out for if you are a student looking for green accommodation close to your campus.

What Does Brexit Mean For Your Job Search?

With the UK on the cusp of finalising Brexit details, there is a lot of uncertainty over what is to come when they do. Since the EU Referendum vote in 2016, it has been predicted that Britain will experience a major educational restructure in the period that follows. Even though Brexit took effect on January 31, experts continue to issue warnings about the potentially bleak labour market post Brexit and urge employers and job seekers alike to be prepared for what is to come. With many new graduates leaving the world of education to rising redundancies and a shrinking economy, there is now a heightened need for them to be aware of the changing job landscape and what it means for them.

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