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What Does Brexit Mean For Your Job Search?

With the UK on the cusp of finalising Brexit details, there is a lot of uncertainty over what is to come when they do. Since the EU Referendum vote in 2016, it has been predicted that Britain will experience a major educational restructure in the period that follows. Even though Brexit took effect on January 31, experts continue to issue warnings about the potentially bleak labour market post Brexit and urge employers and job seekers alike to be prepared for what is to come. With many new graduates leaving the world of education to rising redundancies and a shrinking economy, there is now a heightened need for them to be aware of the changing job landscape and what it means for them.

Best university courses for getting into cybersecurity

High Quality University Courses Match the Dynamic Field of #Cybersecurity  It has been estimated that almost half of UK businesses have a skills gap in basic cybersecurity operations. Cybersecurity is an essential element of any organisation’s computer network. Without adequate protection, threats and security breaches can be devastating for governments, businesses and their individual clients. Choosing a degree in computer science or more specifically cybersecurity is a good way to boost employment prospects. However, because the field is constantly evolving, it’s important to choose a course with a syllabus that is regularly updated and offers practical experience of protecting computerized systems from unauthorised access. From general computing undergraduate degrees to specialised postgraduate computer engineering qualifications, universities offer a wide range of courses to a growing number of students interested in knowing more about the skills needed to protect IT networks and pursue a career in cybersecurity.

Securing The Right Course And Beyond: Aiming For Graduate Success In Marketing

The number of undergraduate degrees awarded in the UK is five times as big as it was in 1990. 50% of young adults now go on to higher education, compared with just 8-19% in the 1970s and 80s.

The New Normal: How Student Accommodation Will Change In The UK After Covid-19

Pursuing higher education has become an even greater challenge as the Covid-19 pandemic remains a constant threat worldwide. As the health crisis continues to have a negative impact on global health and local economies, it is predicted that about 20 percent of students won’t be returning to universities in the UK, and 75 percent of overseas students won’t be enrolling in September. Moreover, student accommodation providers are expecting a big drop in rentals this year as classes will be moving to various online platforms. While university dorms and property firms may have to cope with the sudden loss of income during these trying times, they may take this as an opportunity to make some changes in order to protect incoming students for the future academic year. 

Should Students Play More Video Games To Overcome Stress And Isolation?

British students are currently struggling to cope with loneliness, as a survey has revealed that one in six students say that they have no real friends among their peers. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused young people to grow increasingly isolated as global lockdowns have been put in place to enforce social distancing rules. Social isolation can cause a host of health issues that include chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, and it may even increase the risks of developing cardiac disease. Taking some time to de-stress and communicating with loved ones can help young adults to cope, but studies have shown that playing video games can also help one to overcome negative emotions brought about by isolation. When done in moderation, playing video games not only enhances one’s real-life skills but it may also contribute to improved mental health and happiness.  


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