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Should Students Play More Video Games To Overcome Stress And Isolation?

British students are currently struggling to cope with loneliness, as a survey has revealed that one in six students say that they have no real friends among their peers. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused young people to grow increasingly isolated as global lockdowns have been put in place to enforce social distancing rules. Social isolation can cause a host of health issues that include chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, and it may even increase the risks of developing cardiac disease. Taking some time to de-stress and communicating with loved ones can help young adults to cope, but studies have shown that playing video games can also help one to overcome negative emotions brought about by isolation. When done in moderation, playing video games not only enhances one’s real-life skills but it may also contribute to improved mental health and happiness.  

What Will Studying Abroad Be Like In The Post-Covid World?

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive effect on international travel, which consequently has umpacted the 8% of undergraduates studying abroad. In the months to come, travel restrictions will be lifted, and it may soon be possible again for students from the UK to study overseas. The daily routine of studying in-person may look a lot different though, as the educational facilities adapt to post-Covid life. It will be likely in the post-Covid era that more emphasis is placed on online learning, for example. Nonetheless, students will still be able to obtain their qualifications abroad and receive a satisfying, worthwhile university experience that includes travel. 

Supporting Students With Autism To Thrive In Further Education

Throughout England, 71% of students with #autism attend mainstream schools. Unfortunately, many of these schools are unequipped and uneducated about how to best support the needs of students with autism.

Finding the Perfect Balance: Making Time for Leisure During Distance Learning

Balancing study and leisure may be a challenge during the best of times, but special care is needed to ensure a good level of work-life balance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ministers encourage Universities To Support Further Education For Veterans

Veterans are 10% less likely to have a degree than general members of the UK population, according to the UK government. Research shows that just 20% of veterans have a degree as their highest level of education.


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